Buying Speed? What Canadians Pay for Broadband: Part 1 – The CRTC’s “Measuring Broadband Canada” report does not measure up

Buying Speed? What Canadians Pay for Broadband: Part 1 – The CRTC’s “Measuring Broadband Canada” report does not measure up.

A private sector privacy law for Ontario: a step in the right direction?

On August 13, the Ontario government launched a public consultation to solicit input on “creating a legislative framework for privacy in the province’s private sector,” citing longstanding public concern over data privacy intensified by increased reliance on digital platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. The consultation and accompanying discussion paper outline key issues in data protection, […]

Beware of COVID-19 Scams: Recognize and Protect yourself from COVID-19 Fraud

Scammers are continuously finding new ways to mislead consumers and take undue advantage of vulnerable individuals. Scam artists have been using the panic and uncertainty regarding COVID-19 to prey on consumers. As more information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, the number of fraudulent activities increase, including the Canada Emergency Response Benefit scams. In these times […]

Canadian Airlines: No Refund = No Bailout

Consumers deserve compensation for losses due to COVID-19 cancellations that were not their fault. Bailing out airlines without the condition that these customers’ losses be compensated is not acceptable.

PIAC Technical Blog: Reduced Air Passenger Protections during COVID-19

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre is writing to express its views and concerns regarding the recent measures announced by the Canadian Transportation Agency during the COVID-19 pandemic and note its implications for air passengers. These changes will apply from March 13, 2020 until June 30, 2020. The CTA has posted a guide on its website […]

CRTC Low Cost Data Only Plans: “Much Ado About Nothing”

The proposed lower-cost data plans outlined in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission decision from today are unlikely to be used and will not help provide more affordable options to Canadians. None of the proposed plans exceed 1 GB of data and only Rogers’ plans offer a voice and text allowance in addition to data […]

PIAC and NPF File Application Regarding Paper Billing

PIAC-NPF – Part 1 App – Paper Billing by Koodo Mobile FINAL The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) and National Pensioners Federation (NPF) have filed the above application with the CRTC regarding paper billing by Koodo Mobile. According to complaints received by PIAC-NPF from consumers and those posted in online forums, Koodo Mobile has discontinued […]

Whoa there: CRTC Proposes Forcing Telcos to Fund Broadcasting

The CRTC has released a report regarding the future of programming distribution in Canada. The report proposes: Dispensing with broadcasting distribution licenses in favor of “voluntary agreements” Requiring telecommunications service providers to contribute to Canadian media production PIAC is concerned about these proposals. Moving from licensing to voluntary agreements is not a bad idea in […]

Lexus or Walk: Think tank fails to justify telecom pricing

Every year, the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) publishes a report seeking to prove that Canada’s telecommunications industry compares favorably with other jurisdictions. Throughout its analysis, the MEI simply places too great a premium on having the latest and greatest technology. Consumers care far more about getting a fair price and high usage allowance. Allowing telecommunications […]