In episode 3 of PIAC’s podcast, “We Fight for That”, we explore the world of “wholesale” regulation of Internet service and why it matters to consumers with Matt Stein, CNOC President and Chairman, and Distributel CEO.  Download it here:

We Fight for That – Episode 3 – What the heck is wholesale with Matt Stein

Episode Notes

Wholesale regulation of Internet (and wireless, maybe?) is fundamental to competition in Canadian telecommunications services.  We give a short lecture on the concept and then interview Matt Stein, CNOC President and Chairman, and Distributel CEO, to bring listeners up to date on recent disputes about wholesale rates for Internet service and how this arcane regulatory question affects the price consumers pay for Internet as well as the choice of providers and innovation in the industry. Matt reveals why consumers should have optimism that things are going in the right direction – thanks for the positivity, Matt!  Plus, PIAC takes a victory lap on its COVID Alert Part 1 Application to the CRTC. Told you so.
ISP Summit online:  3 and 4 November 2020.  (Matt Stein keynote address on 4 November 2020, at 13:10 Eastern time)
PIAC’s “Application Regarding “COVID Alert” App, “ABTraceTogether” App and Related Matters
You may comment to the CRTC on PIAC’s Application until 27 November 2020.
Please note the scope of comments permitted is outlined by the CRTC in this letter.


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